Sarah J. Maas in Philippines!

When Sarah’s newsletter arrived in my e-mail and I read about her upcoming book signing in Manila, I totally freaked out because gods, I never thought she’d come here! I was a bit heartbroken though because another bookstore will be hosting this event. I mean I already have all her books in hardcover US editions but I can do nothing but accept that I’d have to buy another set of her books (UK editions to be specific).

Right now, National Book Store officially released their mechanics for the SJM book signing event. There are some disappointments (aka NO POSED PICS WITH THE AUTHOR and BOOK LIMIT). However, again, I can’t do anything about these. I would have to deal with these because I really really really really would love to see one of my most beloved authors of all time. Like I literally would cry with happiness when I see her in person. I will set aside my frustration and try to focus instead on the fact that I’ll get to meet her.

Sarah’s Book signing event in Manila, hosted by National Book Store, will be on March 13 at NBS Glorietta 1. I’m so excited!!!!!



Leigh Bardugo in Philippines

Last June 21st, we had the privilege to meet the Best Selling Author of the epic Grisha Trilogy, Leigh Bardugo. The event was held at the National Book Store Glorietta 1 branch.

I arrived there by 7 in the morning. The line of the attendees was pretty much long when I got there. It turned out that I was 98th. Not bad for me who came late. Anyway, kudos to the early birds who came there a day before the event. The registration of the event begun at 10AM. I was surprised to get some freebies. We were given “Grisha for Life” pins and Six of Crows bookmarks. Aghhhh, the beauty of these little things:


The event started  past 2PM. The feeling of overwhelming joy flowed in my system. Because it’s LEIGH BARDUGO in front of me!!! Thank goodness tears did not flow. Lol. We all gave her our warm welcome. Then, as per usual, the NBS events host does her interview with the author.




In the interview, Leigh thanked her Filipino fans and told us how fun her trip have been so far. Also, here are some points that were touched during the Q & A portion 😉

*Her favorite Filipino food is pork adobo.

*She always knew who Alina is going to end up with.

*Leigh mentioned that the paperback copies of  Ruin and Rising will be available in August.  There will be a sneak peek for what she called “The Darkling Collection”. She said that it’s  going to be entitled “Demon in the Wood”. (Honestly, this one made me freak out. OMG! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!)

*It was easier for her to write about the bad characters than the good ones.

*On her advise to her fans, she said “Read everything. Never be ashamed reading of young adult”.

*Leigh also told us about what we can expect with her newest series, Six of Crows.


Finally, after a looong wait..we get to have our books signed and our pictures taken with her.


She’s so nice and friendly. Thank goodness, I didn’t stutter while talking to her. She’s got that personality which will put you into ease when talking to her. I was pretty much proud of myself for being able to make a decent conversation. Lol. I had so much much happiness. Here’s my babies with her sign on them: