What non-book nerds don’t understand

Book Nerds are nice people…like really really nice but there comes a point wherein we get so frustrated by defending our bookish ways. There are lots things about us that non-book nerds don’t understand. Those make us go mad and sad. Why? Because we frigging want them to get our point or our feels..whatever. Based on my own experience, there had been loads of questions asked about my love for books and some people can’t seem to wrap around their minds about it. Like I am talking about something so absurd and crazy

Here are some things about us that non-book nerds don’t understand:

1. How necessary it is for us to visit a bookstore at least once or twice in two weeks

I don’t know about you but I feel the necessity to visit and browse the bookstores at least every week or two. Whenever, me and my friends go out, they know instantly that we would all have to make a stop at the book store. There’s just something about the bookstores which make me feel more relaxed. It’s like my weekly therapy. If I can’t afford to buy a book due to a budget constraint, I just look at the beauty of the books displayed on the shelves of a bookstore.

2. It’s more important to buy books than new clothes or shoes or bags or any other stuff.

My mother always say: ” You buy so many books Jenny. You don’t even have new clothes. Look at you!” And I will reply, “Mom, I don’t care about new clothes. I rarely even go outside.” (Oops. Did I just gave a clue about my non-existent social life? Lol, jk)

*Yes, when I shop for books, the world gets better.*

3. We get extremely defensive when other people hate on the books that we love.

There are those people who make sure to accomplish their job which is hating the books that other people love. I get it. Yeah, you may think that it’s cool to bash books that make other happy but it’s not cool at all. If you hate a book that much, can you please keep it to yourself? It will not be your gain if you continue on wasting your energy on hating books that other people love. What do you even get from it? Like seriously..What????? Book nerds like me are extremely passionate about the books that we love. We even make an extra effort to defend our favorite books to people who hate them.

4. Reading books is like going on an adventure.

I love it when I read a book so awesome that I feel like I am having an epic jpourney with the characters. I love a book that sucks me in right into its story. Then, when you finish it, you will get so sad because you got so attached with the characters and so invested with the fictional world you don’t ever want it to end. Non-book nerds will not get the sadness we feel when we turn the last page of a book..especially, the last page of a book in a series. *Ugly Sobs*

5. Fangirling/ Fanboying/ Fandoms

Oh my..those books that are so epic and beautiful that at the moment you read it and even after you finish it, you fangirl/ fanboy over it. Nobody except your fellow mates in the fandom will understand you and your feels. Meanwhile, the non-book nerds will look at you like you’re losing your mind.

Basically, this is my point (Well said, Mr. John Green):


More Selection Novels, More Feels!!!!!

Ever since I read the last page of The One, I was happy but more of sad to leave behind Maxon and America. America might be the most annoying indecisive character ever but I love The Selection Series with all my heart.

Anyway, Selectioners have been all delighted to receive the news from Ms. Kiera Cass that aside from the novella, The Queen (to be released on December 2nd), Marlee is going to be featured in another novella entitled, The Favorite. How awesome is that right?

If that news is not enough..well there is more!!!! And I cannot help my feels..*gasps for air*

Ms. Cass also announced that she will be publishing two more novels for the series. One of which is The Heir. It’s going to be out next summer. So, who’s excited with me? This is sure a treat for all of us. I know I might not be the only one wanting for more from Maxon and America. I don’t care. I just want to read more about Illea. What happened to the country after the war and the wedding.

I am sure there are more interesting stuff to see in the series. I seriously am marking my calendars once The Heir gets a release date.

For the meantime, let’s all enjoy the sneak peek to The Queen and the bonus epilogue for the One. Congrats Selectioners, Ms. Cass granted our wishes for more novels from the series. Yay! *virtual party*