Upcoming Book Signings in Manila & Cebu, Philippines

2014 has really been an amazing year so far for most of the bibliophiles in Philippines. For the past 4 months, 7 big authors came and visited us. Gayle Forman came in January, Mitch Albom in February, and Becca Fitzpatrick in March. Most recently, Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi had their big book signing event last April. That’s really something which gave us Filipino bookworms something to be busy about aside from reading our books. Those unforgettable moments with our favorite authors were something that we will be kept in our hearts as treasures (I know, I’m cheesy 😛 ). Even if we just saw them and talked to them in such a short time, it felt like a dream came true.. to meet someone who’s given us a world to escape to from reality and enjoy journeys with their fictional characters.

That’s just the beginning of the year for us. Filipino bookworms seems like they will be having more treats from National Book Store.

Last time, it was announced that Jenny Han, the author of the New York Times Best Selling novel The Summer I Turned Pretty Series, will be coming to Philippines for her book signing event on June 21 in Manila and June 22 in Cebu this year. We were so thrilled to know that she will be visiting us. Look at this poster, it’s so girly and cute. I love it!

Aside from Jenny Han, National Book Store gave the big news that Stephanie Perkins (cue squeals here), author of Anna and The French Kiss & Lola and the Boy Next Door, will be going here too. I’m so happy right now. Though for sure, my savings will be suffering with all the books that I will be buying to be signed and read (of course). Stephanie Perkins’ Book Signing Event will be on July 5 in Cebu and July 6 in Manila.

These kind of news are pure bliss to all of the bookworms here. I hear rumors that in almost every month of 2014, there would be an author who will come for a book signing. I wonder who’s next..


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