Book Review: Savor by Kate Evangelista

26863060Title: Savor (Vicious Feast #1)

Author: Kate Evangelista

Publisher:  Spark Books (September 2015)

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 224

Synopsis from Goodreads:

I’m Dakota Collins, a tough talking, eye patch wearing, workaholic photography student. Why am I important? Well, maybe because I get to spend an entire month with Vicious, only the sickest indie rock band out there.

You see, I needed a subject for my Spring Showcase introspective in order to graduate. During a chance encounter at a club I’d been sent to cover for the Daily Gossip, our ironically named college paper, the features writer I usually teamed up with introduced me to the band—by accident, I might add. It involved a run in with a scary, bald bodyguard. Anyway, long story short, I signed a contract to take pictures of Vicious.

I should have known their handsome yet way too serious for his own good bassist, Luka Visraya, wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He’s gorgeous and all, but the way he smiles spelled trouble with a capital L. I’m in for a long month with him around.

Crazy shit happens and then some. So, if you want the skinny on Vicious and the events revolving around my stay at Lunar Manor, read my story.

Hey there book nerds! I’m back again this time with a review of a book that I never thought I would love.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always wanted to get a chance to read a novel written by Miss Kate Evangelista. After all, she’s such an accomplished Filipino writer. I became interested in her works because I’ve read that she writes young adult novels. Actually, Savor is the first book by her, that I got to read which I must say is an adult romance story. I only have tiny bit of idea what this book may be about. All I know when I bought this is that I loved the cover and that Ms. Kate have signed it.

Initial thoughts about the book, it has a kind of slow pacing. I never mind well-detailed descriptions in a book but sometimes it bugged me. I appreciate it though. It took a lot of time to get through the first few chapters.

As soon as I got through the first several chapters, I became more and more interested with the contents of the book. I was not aware at all that I am beginning to become invested with the characters especially Dakota.

What I loved the most about Dakota is that she has such a strong personality despite her dark past and her scars. She never was the one who’s cowering from anyone who’s giving her a hard time. I so so loved her attitude. She’s sassy, brave, confident, and funny. I think I never had a single problem with her as the main character.

Then, there’s Luka Visraya of the band, Vicious. He has the dark side going within him as well but I also appreciated the fact that he’s so funny and overprotective with Dakota. He’s the typical tormented male main character in a book but for me, there is something about him that makes him stand out.

Aside from Dakota and Luka, I’ve grown to love the other characters in the book. Phoenix is my next favorite! The other members of Vicious were also interesting to read.

I enjoyed the photoshoots and the parties, especially when Dakota gets dolled up. Hmm…what else? Oh yes, the sexy scenes between Dakota and Luka are hot as hell!

Now, about that plot twist at the last few chapters. I cannot believe what I’m reading. It made me want to almost cry. Then, when the book comes to its end, I feel so confused. I thought that all I signed up for was reading a contemporary romance book where everyone is just normal human beings, and then.. BAM!!! What the actual fudge? I am really frustrated and really want to get my hands on the next book in the series!!4-rating