Epic Feels: Michelle Hodkin in Manila?

Anyone who knows me very well is aware that I am a huge fan of the Mara Dyer series. Ever since I’ve laid my eyes on that book cover and read it and devoured it, I cannot help but fangirl hard about the series especially when it comes to Noah Shaw. I already posted here a couple of times on how much I’m in love with these books. So, last December 3, Fully Booked posted this on their Facebook page:

Many had their speculations, and then someone posted this pic too:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh gods, how much they look alike right? And damn straight, that someone was right. These were the latest clues from the Fully Booked Facebook posts:

That line “love to ruins” comes from The Evolution of Mara Dyer.

“The boy is destined for greatness, but with you, he is in danger. You are linked, the two of you. You must leave him. This is what I have seen.”

I grew frustrated. “Is he in danger because of me?”

“He will die before his time with you by his side, unless you let him go. Fate or chance? Coincidence or destiny? I cannot say.” Her voice had turned soft.

Soft and sad.

A fist closed around my heart. I tried to let him go once before. It didn’t work.

“I can’t,” was all I said to her, and quietly.

“Then you will love him to ruins,” she said, and let my hands go.”
Michelle Hodkin, The Evolution of Mara Dyer

Then, another pic with a clue:

Keyword there is “Retribution”. Oh gosh, I’m still dealing with my emotions right now. Lol.

So yeah, there’s 99.9999% chance that this Mystery Author is Michelle Hodkin!!!!! No, wait..I’m 200% sure of this!! Woohoo!!!

I better be present at this event! I’m going to see the queen!!! 😀


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