Book Review: Magic America by C.E. Medford

Title: Magic America

Author: C.E. Medford

Published: July 2 2014

Format: Kindle

Pages: 220

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Hope lives in an alternative Trenton, New Jersey of the 1980s where radioactive cats, inherited tattoos, biker angels, cocky fairy godmothers and the determination to survive another day are all that stand between her family and the creeping chemical forces of LoboChem, a manufacturer willing to destroy all that is beautiful for the sake of a profit.

Magic America is a story about coming of age in fluorescent, urbo-suburban, magic-realism America. Dust off your Wigwams and your high-tops, your banana clips and Aquanet, for a trip through the streets and skies of a Garden State where love triumphs over fear, faith is what you die with and family is who you ride with.

This book is such a fun book to read. Why? Well..I’ll tell you in a bit 😛

Magic America is all about Hope’s journey to fulfilling her dream to travel across America. It’s not just about that. It also focuses on the trouble caused by LoboChem, a manufacturer which doesn’t care at all about the destructive effects their factories cause. The  said company also destroyed the people who worked for them in some ways.

What I liked the most while reading this book is the magical way in which the story was written. I’ve mentioned before in my blog how I love stories with magic in them. With this novel, I believe that I enjoyed the magical bits like the inherited tattoos, mutant animals, awesome biker group, and cool fairy godmother. My favorite among them all would be Ivka, Hope’s sort of fairy godmother. I love the idea of her and how fun she was. As a child, Hope really needed someone like Ivka. She has her mother but I’d say that Ivka did a great job making sure Hope is alright. If you’d ask me to pick a favorite character in the book, that would be her.

Meanwhile, the main character, Hope is so optimistic. She’s got her problems and yet she chose to be strong.. That’s what I like about her. She’s not clueless and she’s definitely a fighter. She’s never boring to read.

In my opinion, the novel also points out about issues on chemical pollution and abuse caused by various manufacturing companies nowadays. It’s such an awesome reference to call the people who work for LoboChem as wolves. That was pretty much a good way to describe them.

There were some points though that my mind had to take a break and re-read some sections. Some choice of words were a bit confusing but thank goodness I was able to catch on.

It’s a good novel to read if you want something different. It’s refreshing and thrilling. You’d want to turn page after page.




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