More Selection Novels, More Feels!!!!!

Ever since I read the last page of The One, I was happy but more of sad to leave behind Maxon and America. America might be the most annoying indecisive character ever but I love The Selection Series with all my heart.

Anyway, Selectioners have been all delighted to receive the news from Ms. Kiera Cass that aside from the novella, The Queen (to be released on December 2nd), Marlee is going to be featured in another novella entitled, The Favorite. How awesome is that right?

If that news is not enough..well there is more!!!! And I cannot help my feels..*gasps for air*

Ms. Cass also announced that she will be publishing two more novels for the series. One of which is The Heir. It’s going to be out next summer. So, who’s excited with me? This is sure a treat for all of us. I know I might not be the only one wanting for more from Maxon and America. I don’t care. I just want to read more about Illea. What happened to the country after the war and the wedding.

I am sure there are more interesting stuff to see in the series. I seriously am marking my calendars once The Heir gets a release date.

For the meantime, let’s all enjoy the sneak peek to The Queen and the bonus epilogue for the One. Congrats Selectioners, Ms. Cass granted our wishes for more novels from the series. Yay! *virtual party*


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