Book to Movie News: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer

Whew! I’m pretty sure that by now, people have gone crazy since this was released. All I can say is: Oh My Grey!

The trailer was so hot and intense. I think it’s everything that I imagined the book to be. Everything in it made my cells feel alive. Lol. Right from the scene that Anastacia Steele meets Christian Grey for the interview until the point that Ana was shown blindfolded and tied..I can’t stop thinking how good the movie will be. So much feels right?

It seems like the movie is going to satisfy millions of its fans. Plus, Beyonce..damn, this version of Crazy in Love just added more intensity and excitement to the trailer. I really am excited to hear the full version of it and the rest of the songs for the movie’s soundtrack.

I think they really made a good job but it’s still early to tell. Anyway, I’m so stoked! Now, how do they expect us to wait until February 14 next year? The anticipation is going to make us combust. 😛


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