Book Buying Ban: Can you stick to it?

As a book lover and avid reader, buying books has definitely one of the most pleasurable things that I do in my life. It just gives me this satisfaction knowing that I have new books to add up in my TBR (to-be-read) pile. This is always the case even though I haven’t finished the half of it yet. The pile keeps growing and growing but I don’t care because it makes me happy. Probably, the other book lovers out there have the same thoughts like mine.

However, there are times when my book-buying habits get out of hand. I think there are lots of circumstances when I felt guilty of overspending on books. I usually tell myself that it’s a once-in-awhile-thing..that it’s alright to spend that much. Yeah, I just rationalize to myself, get over my guilt, and buy books again before I know it. It’s all good in the beginning but then I realize that I need to be on a tight budget because I’ve spent most of my money in books.

No matter how I love books and the feeling I get after doing book hauls, I think impulsive book buying is a matter that I shouldn’t ignore. “Too much” is really bad even for buying the books that you’re craving to read and put on your bookshelf. You feel me?

In the previous month, I think I almost did good on sticking on a book buying ban…ALMOST. Lol. The only time that I slipped from my promise was when I came in a Book Sale outlet in a mall near my place. Then, there were copies of Where the Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern and The Alchemy of Forever by Avery Williams. I got them for like 70% off their original price and I couldn’t let them go. So, I bought them.

If you’re going through the same situation like me…being on a tight budget and all, here are some of the tips (that I hope could help) to stick to your book-buying ban:

1. Try to pick up and finish some books in your TBR first.

We all probably have stack of books waiting to be read for a long time already. If you have some, at least pick one up and finish it. Those unread books will be so happy to be picked up. I’m quite sure that you find something interesting in that book. That’s why you bought it. So, don’t let your money go to waste and just leave a book unappreciated in your book shelf or pile.

Or if you have some unfinished books, maybe it’s time to go back and continue it…

2. Hunt for free e-books!

If you’re searching for something new to read, the internet is full of e-books that can be downloaded for free. I follow some blogs on Twitter and Facebook that give updates on books which are currently free on Amazon. Also, if you got some bookworm friends, you can ask them to give you copies of the e-books that they have.

3. Borrow books from friends and the library.

If you’re lucky enough to have bookworm friends, you can ask them to lend you some of their books. *Just a friendly reminder: Please do take care of their books. Don’t even attempt to fold or tear or spill on the pages* Okay? Okay. As for people who have good collection of books in a nearby library, go and make use of it. We have the National Library here in Manila but I don’t know if they have the type of novels that I like there. So, I haven’t tried borrowing from there. I might as well try to find out when I get a free time to visit the place. I used to go in the library at my University when I was still in college. I’m not sure though if I still can go back and borrow books from there though.

4. Distract yourself with other activities.

Try other activities which you may enjoy aside from reading books. In my case, I watch movies and TV series and read fanfictions. Oh and I try to get as much social life as I can and catch up with my friends. Oops!

5. Avoid going to bookstores and shopping books online!!!

I know. I know. Preventing yourself from going to these happy places hurts a lot. It pains me not being able to visit a bookstore because I am trying to resist impulsive book buying. Most of the time though, I can’t help it but still go. I just browse some titles and look at the beauty of the books in the shelves. Then, I do a pep talk that I would come back in time..just not now..that my spending on a book can wait till I have extra money for buying books. As you drag yourself out of the bookstore, tell yourself how proud you are of yourself..because hey it really is hard!

Book buying ban is like the one of the most painful things in the life of bookworm. But yeah, as I said..our spending can get out of hand. So, we need to keep ourselves in check because well it’s hard to be broke. 😛



6 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban: Can you stick to it?

  1. To buy without making good use of something is an addiction hazard I think we must all avoid. It’s too easy to amass “junk” and not deal with it. Not to mention, all that we collect/buy becomes that much harder to part with/relocate. Books are heavy. I had to move ten boxes of my sisters’. Not fun. Better to borrow books than invest in them.

    I became obsessed with astrology back in 2005. I spend hundreds on boxes of various people’s outlooks on the subject in both Western and Chinese. I have only looked through a fraction of those books, so far. It already feels like a lead weight.

    But, if it makes you feel so good, why not create hollow books from cardboard (craft boxes), decorate and title them…and then amass them on a wall til you feel content in the number of spines you can look upon and dream daily?

    You had me at Belle:)

    • Thanks for the response to my blog post. Yup, you are right..It can certainly be an addiction but it makes me happy. I am more addicted into looking into the stories on the pages rather than looking at the spines though..but thanks for the idea. It has never crossed my mind before but I might try it some time.

      And yeah..Belle is one of my fave disney princesses because she’s such a book geek. Lol 🙂

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