Book Review: The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski

Title: The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never #2)

Author: J.A. Redmerski

Publisher: Forever (November 5, 2013)

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 412

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Five months ago, Camryn and Andrew, both dealing with personal hardships, met on a Greyhound bus. They fell in love and proved that when two people are meant to be together, fate will find a way to make it happen.

Now, in the highly anticipated sequel to The Edge of Never, Camryn and Andrew are pursuing their love for music and living life to the fullest as they always swore to do. But when tragedy befalls them, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. As Camryn tries to numb her pain, Andrew makes a bold decision: To get their life back on track, they’ll set out on another cross-country road trip. Together they find excitement, passion, adventure-and challenges they never could have anticipated.

The Edge of Always has been another thrilling read for me. It continues with Andrew’s and Camryn’s life months after they came back from their very memorable roadtrip. Life becomes more difficult for them as they both face a tragedy that almost destroyed Camryn. From there, Andrew decides to go on another journey with Camryn to help her find herself back and live their lives like they promised to each other before.

If you have read my review of The Edge of Never, you would probably know how much I love it. Before I went on to read this book, I was having second thoughts because I was worrying that it might not be as good as the first novel was plus it’s rating on Goodreads was not as high too. Though that’s the case, I still picked it up and decided to find out what happens next to Camryn and Andrew. I blame my curiosity for that. Thank goodness, I did read it.

In my opinion, The Edge of Always was not really as good as The Edge of Never. The first book  was more addicting for me. I liked it more because I love the concept of taking a roadtrip going nowhere to find yourself. Then as you set off to find yourself, fate brings you the love of your life. I also very much fell in love with the intensity of the characters’ emotions and the plot twists.

Even if the first book is better, I can still say that this novel is beautiful in it’s own way. I was slowly reading it because well things got really depressing in the lives of the characters. Like I mentioned before, I tend to slow my pace when the mood of the story becomes lonely and dark. Anyway, there are still a lot of things here that made me still put it in my favorite books list.

The plot is riveting. Even if the happenings in the story got sad, I was still hooked and can’t help thinking about the characters. The difficulties that Camryn and Andrew had made me ache for them. It was really touching how Andrew never leaves Camryn no matter what happens to her. I just love his spirit and how caring he is. Camryn is endearing in a way that she was aware of herself and she tried to be better for Andrew. Call me a hopeless romantic but their love story is something that someone like me would love to have.

The book definitely not failed to make me cry. The scenes were just so touching. My favorites are Andrew’s letter to Camryn and their exchange of vows during their wedding. At first, I was really terrified for both of them. Damn. They were making promises to each other about what they will do when one of them dies. I mean come on. How could I not think that one of them will die at the end of the story. I don’t know but maybe this story toyed with my emotions. Like I said, it made me cry my eyes out.

What am I most satisfied with this novel?

Well, I’d say that would be the lesson that I got from it. I admit that I would never probably come close to what both Andrew and Camryn did in their lives. They took big leaps. They lived at the edge of life. I’m too scared and too worried. What these characters taught me was to not let your life be as routinary as it is. Do what makes you happy and don’t give a sh*t to what others think will be right for you. Be spontaneous and travel the world. Find yourself. I think it’s one of the most life-changing novels that I have ever come across. I’m so lucky to have read it.



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