Book Review: The One by Kiera Cass

Title: The One (The Selection #3)

Author: Kiera Cass

Publisher:  HarperTeen (May 6, 2014)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown–or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose–and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.

The story continues with America Singer as one of the top four contenders in The Selection. Finally, her decision about what she wants is clearer. She had come to her senses and made a choice though there are occasional moments when her indecisiveness comes back. As the competition nears to its end, the palace faces threats from the rebels as their attacks and black-mails to overthrow the royal family become more frequent. Soon, the prince has to make a choice as to who will be the crowned princess.

If you haven’t read The One yet, well, I suggest you go pick it up now. Finish it because it really is worth it.


For those who have read The One already, you might want to fangirl with me. So, read on:

Okay..I  need to breathe..

I’ll begin by saying that I FREAKING LOVE THE ONE!!!! OMG!! Seriously, there was no moment that I ever felt bored with this book. It’s near perfection. I didn’t want to put it down because I was so thrilled with the events that happened. But then, I wanted myself to slow down in reading this because I don’t want it to end. I tried to survive all the FEELS that I was getting from the book. If you’re Team Maxon, well what can I say? Hmmm.. “Let’s Partyyy!!!!” Damn. I’m pretty sure that Mer had made her decision pretty clear in the beginning. She decided that she would fight for Maxon. Then, there weren’t many scenes that consisted of her thinking about Aspen. So, I assumed that I would be delighted to see whatever happens at the end of the book.

What do I think are the highlights? There are lots..Some of them are:

  • Mer stepping up her game to get Prince Maxon: Being provoked by the king, America decided to step up her moves with Maxon. Well, King Clarkson told Mer that she’s not pretty, intelligent, and worthy as much as the other girls. Seriously King Clarkson I want to shoot you. To show the king that she will not back down, America dressed in a very sexy dress. She looked so glamorous that when she went to have her meal with the other girls and the royal family, they were shocked. My favorite was when Kriss said to Mer, “You look trashy” and then Mer replied, “You’re just jealous.” Lol. I was literally fist-pumping in the air. That was epic.
  • Celeste and America became friends: Who would have thought that Celeste would reconcile with America? TBH, I was prepared to hate her til the end of the book. She was just nasty. I’m surprised that her opening up to Mer would make them closer.
  • The Convicting: This one is the most epic part of the book. Convicting is a ceremony wherein the remaining girls will pledge their allegiance to the Ilea’s law. The ceremony involves giving criminals their sentence. Obviously, this is a way of King Clarkson to get America out of the competition. As much as she wanted to avoid a scene, she doesn’t want to sentence a man to lifetime imprisonment for stealing clothes for his daughters. I love the part when she gave all her jewelry to the guy and told him to pay his debt to the king with what she gave. That was such a big slap to the king’s face. LOL!
  • Queen Amberly and the girls’ bonding time in the Women’s Room: This one made me tear up. The girls basically formed true friendship and even deeper bond with each other. I love that they did makeovers for one another. Then, Queen Amberly was so happy to see the girls like they were the best of friends. Oh and that part when America accidentally called the Queen Amberly was shocked at first but she became okay with that and she let Mer brush her hair. Then, the girls took pictures while hugging the queen. I was crying at that scene. That was just so touching.
  • America’s father died: I didn’t see this one coming. There were no clues that Mer’s father was going to die of a heart problem. I think it would have made more sense if he got shot or something. It was no shock for me though to know that he is one of the Northern rebels.
  • Maxon’s and America’s make out scene: After her father died, it was so obvious that Maxon missed America that much. He came to her room and gave her late Christmas gifts and letters. Maxon was so sure of America at that time. They confessed their love to each other. I swear I was squealing and fanning myself the whole time I was reading this scene. It’s perfect and super romantic. I can’t even..
  • Mer and Aspen caught by Prince Maxon: After Maxon’s and America’s confession of their love to one another, Maxon was about to announce his choice and end the Selection. When the morning came, the two were caught by Aspen. Maxon leaves the room. Then, Aspen tells America about what they have blah blah blah. Then, all sh*t just got real. Mer was about to end it off with Aspen and BAM!! They were caught by Prince Maxon himself. I was so frustrated and heartbroken for Maxon.
  • Letters to America: Damn. I was crying the whole time I was reading this. Prince Maxon is the epitomy of a boy in love. He was so into America. In those letters, he got to tell Mer how crazy he was when she was away from him. He even said that “I love you” in the letters. I was like awww..
  • The attack of the rebels: Prince Maxon was supposed to end the Selection but the thing is he was so angry at America for what she did. I was afraid that somehow he’s going to choose Kriss (who turned out to be a supporter of the northern rebels). Southern rebels attacked the palace. It was a mayhem. I thought our Prince was going to die. I was so worried that he and America will not have a happy ending. But I was proven wrong..Celeste died though..why?? I like her now.
  • Wedding: OMG! I was reading this chapter and all I can think about is that it can’t end this soon. Anyway, I think the wedding was perfect except for the fact that it was Aspen who walked Mer down the aisle. It’s such an awkward concept for me.

Overall, The One is so EPIC! It’s near to perfection because it made me feel a lot FEELS. I love every part of it even though I was frustrated sometimes. It’s the kind of book that will make you laugh, cry, squeal and more. It’s really more than just another fairytale story. I just wish that Ms. Kiera Cass would have written an epilogue or another book. I would love to know what happened to America and Maxon after their wedding. I want to read about how they settled the problems in Ilea and if they had many babies.

I actually finished the book last Saturday. I must admit that I am still hangover. I can’t move on I swear. I wish there is more to the story. I even consider re-reading the books in The Selection Series. It’s one of my favorite series ever. Oh and I love the acknowledgements at the end of the book. Seriously, Miss Kiera Cass writes the most awesome acknowledgements in books. I love how she thanked her readers first. I really did enjoy America Singer’s world and I wouldn’t mind reading more about it. I’m really really wishing hard now. Well, I should probably end this here before I start fangirling again over Prince Maxon. Here’s my rating:



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