Book Review: Unstoppable by Samantha Romero

: Unstoppable (Unstoppable #1)

Author: Samantha Romero

Published: July 23, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 79 Pages

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Daniel Anderson is charisma on a stick—unstoppable in every way.
He is successful and fun-loving; a self-made millionaire from the wrong end of London who personifies the textbook definition of a “player.” 
All women swoon in his presence, but where’s the fun and challenge in that? All women, that is, until he meets Siena…

Siena ekes out her living as a performer, using her God-given talents to sing for local events and charities. Strong, feisty, and independent, she promised herself many years ago that she would never again allow a “player” to break her heart. Although flattered and intrigued by Daniel’s constant attention, she struggles to resist him, knowing that surrender would mean losing herself completely.

Captivated by her voice and youthful beauty, he must have her—no matter what…

Always trust your instincts…

I knew he was trouble – from the moment I saw those damn dimples. The world of fashion had changed Daniel Anderson’s life for the better, and now everything he wanted, he got. Life was a big game to him and he sure played it.

I tried to ignore his ridiculous gutter accent. So what if he found me fascinating? Singing was just what I did; it’s not like I was trying to lure him in. One thing’s for sure, I wasn’t interested in his charm. I had seen it all before. My heart couldn’t take being broken again.

But resisting isn’t that simple, and we all make mistakes.

This is such a great read. It’s such a light story that I finished it so fast. I was unstoppable in reading it. It’s about this girl named Siena who falls for this rich hot and funny and smart guy named Daniel.

The pacing of the story was good. I think I was never bored. It’s written in a very realistic way. I love how the main character is so logical about her actions. I love her thoughtfulness and feisty attitude.

Moreover, I adore Daniel’s persistence. He is sweet but can be really irritating. The only problem that I have in this book is that Daniel is too cocky for me. I want to slap him and like him at the same time. He really should fix his sh*t.

I would definitely read the sequels. I am looking forward to knowing more about Siena’s and Daniel’s love story.



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